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Rainforest Artist,Journalist, Photographer

Wilderness stories, native art and culture!

Robert E Sebastian
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Robert Sebastian is a dynamic Catholic, Artist and Journalist from the Gitxsan tribe in the northern Rocky Mountains. To find out what makes this artist tick, we look at his 45-year career, producing limited edition prints and paintings that have heartened the vast-globe.
From a culture that was near extinction in the 1960’s, Sebastian found a huge underground wealth in his family’s knowledge of art and traditions. Underground because Canada had earmarked this culture for extinction through laws and local ignorance, now with a new generation the art and culture struggle’s to bounce back.
Books: Robert, a traditional teacher, was honored in April 2012 by the University of Nebraska Press and author Craig Mishler, who chose a Sebastian image for their new book cover, “The Blind Man and the Loon, the Story of a Tale”.
This was fresh from an announcement that the University of Japan had picked two other images for “Memories of Life in the Arctic and Forest, the Art of the Inuit and Northwest Coast people, 2011”. Robert’s work can also been seen in a book by Hilary Stewart, “Looking at North West Coast Native Art”.
Data Bases: The largest single assemblage is the Pacific Graphics Collection at, the University of Victoria, Maltwood Museum. Most recently, Robert has authorized the use of his collectors’ images in databases; in the Thunder Bay Art Gallery, and overseas in the Department of African, Oceania and the America’s, Museum of London, United Kingdom.
Carleton University Ottawa has images in the George MacDonald Collection, as well as the City of Prince George collection, these, confirm his resolve.
Films and TV: His art and dance graced: a CBC –TV and Shell Oil of Canada –film entitled “the Newcomers”, most recently Two new films by Biologist and film producer Monty Basset , called “Sheep of Stone” and “Written in Stone” , for Discovery Channel. As well as “This Living World-Places of Green” on Global channel.
Presentations: Sebastian is a generous donator to youth groups and minor sports. He has appeared with the Prince George Cougars, Vancouver Canucks, the Montreal Expos and the Japanese National Hockey Team. The City of Prince George presented his art to the Mayors of: Aomori and Sapporo in Japan; Lulea and Kiruna in Sweden and Taipei, Taiwan. During the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics his art was presented to numerous visiting dignitaries.
Dance: Sebastian has danced for UNESCO – United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization headquarter’s in Paris, (known as the "intellectual" agency of the United Nations, that ensures basic world programs for all the world’s children) - China (June 2012) a 18 day, four city tour of Beijing, Chendu, Liejang and the huge mountain roads of the Himalaya’s, a experience of the food, the people and the vista, one should do at least once in their life-time! Robert has danced before representatives of 144 countries conference in Adelaide, Australia 1980.
Taking the brilliance colors of Hawaii and Mexico blended with the overpowering platitude of China and the hided parts of his Canadian homeland, Sebastian has brought new memory to Canada. Painting a Joey (kangaroo) from Australia and a pelican from Portland USA Sebastian brings new life to a pugnacious culture. The stark colors jump at you, mosquitoes dance, birds change to human form, life ends and begins with song and magic rivers of knowledge comfort our youth’s future, this is Canada and this is Sebastian.